Dogpatch and Potrero Hill are now On the Grid!

On the Grid - San Francisco

Everyone who’s ever been to a Hearsay dinner has gotten an earful about how much I love our neighborhood. It’s changed a lot in the time I’ve been here (since 2004!)—but luckily, there are some things that even the T line and the hospital and a whole bunch of new construction can’t change. The people who live and work here are some of the coolest, most interesting makers and builders and thinkers and doers in the world. They’re a tight-knit group who always help each other out, and I’m proud to call them my neighbors.

That’s why I was so excited to curate the guide to Dogpatch and Potrero Hill for On the Grid.  On the Grid was launched in April and is quickly becoming a massive international travel guide. It already includes nearly 100 neighborhoods in 21 cities. Each guide is beautifully curated by local designers and creative companies. The project was created by Hyperakt, which is a kickass Brooklyn-based design agency founded by my friend Deroy.

The guide is a bit of a love letter to some of my favorite places in the ‘hood.  And while it’s certainly not a comprehensive list of spots that make the neighborhood great, it did give me an opportunity to shine a little light on some of the people and places that make me feel at home.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

In research mode

So, apologies for being more or less MIA since our May dinner. I joined a new company in June, and we’ve been traveling a lot this summer.

The upside of all the madness? Lots of tasty adventures. We’re super excited to bring all of the inspiration we’re collecting to our dinners in the fall. If you aren’t on our mailing list, you should be… that’s the only way to get an invite. Sign up now!

Europe, magical mushrooms, and a menu for January 26

Yes, we’ve been MIA for a few months. But we’ve put our hiatus to good use. Check it out!

We planted a garden:

We went on a fabulous trip to Europe:

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We made some really good food discoveries:

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We also got mildly obsessed with mushroom hunting, and we went on a Christmas Eve hike where we found a whole bunch of stuff you can’t eat—plus one thing you can:

So now it’s 2013 and we’re re-energized to get back into the kitchen. We’ve got tons of new ideas and incredible ingredients and super fun kitchen toys that we can’t wait to play with. We’re ready to get back into the groove of our monthly dinners—we’ve missed sharing a table with all of you! Continue reading

A proper Porteño empanada

Calzones, samosas, bisteeya–virtually every culture has their version of a savory handheld pie. Some are clearly better than others (I’m talking to you, Hot Pockets). And for my money, one of the very best is the traditional Argentine empanada.

The most traditional empanadas are filled with chopped or ground beef spiced with cumin and paprika and mixed with tomato, olives, hard-cooked egg, and raisins. Together, these ingredients add up to more than the sum of their parts through a complex balance of meatiness, acidity, sweetness, and salt.

Since we’re currently hanging out in Buenos Aires for a bit, I thought we should learn to make proper empanadas. We spent a sunny Saturday afternoon in the kitchen with Norma Soued, a practicing clinical psychologist who gives Argentine cooking workshops out of her Belgrano apartment. Norma teaches in a mix of Spanish and English and speaks fluent French as well–perfect for the parade of foreigners who attend her classes each week. Continue reading

We’re taking June off to make PIE


So. After spending the past week hiking volcanos, swooning over gorditas from street vendors, and enjoying muchas margaritas in central Mexico, we’re fully refreshed and ready to get back to business in San Francisco. (Well… almost. But alas.) And we have a bunch of exciting things coming up this summer that you should know about.

First up: PIE. Instead of hosting a meal at Hearsay HQ in June, we’ll be competing in SF Food Wars PIE OR DIE Part Deux–a 20-competitior pie extravaganza that will be held at the Ferry Building on June 12. Look for us at Table 2. We’ll be vying for glory with our curried cranberry cardamom pie pops.

Our next regular monthly dinner will be on Saturday, July 16. We haven’t gotten around to choosing a theme or a menu yet–but if you really trust us or are just that adventurous, you’re welcome to RSVP starting now (cost will be $80 per person). We’ll announce the theme in a week or two and post the announcement on Facebook and Twitter at that point.

BTW, here’s how our process works when we open an event up for reservations. We always send the announcement out to our mailing list first. Reservations and waitlist spots are first-come, first served (we’ll ask you to confirm your reservation by making payment via PayPal). A day or two later, if we still have seats available, we’ll post the invitation on Facebook and Twitter. We typically only have 8 to 12 seats open for each dinner, so being on the waitlist is definitely your best bet for scoring a spot.

Hope to see you at one of our events soon. In the meantime, stay tuned for the play-by-play on our summer eating and drinking adventures in Mexico, Tennessee, Michigan, Chicago, and Portland. Cheers!