Duck Duck Goose: January 29, 2011

Okay! So, we’re gearing up for our third and final friends-and-family dinner before we officially open our little experiment up to public consumption. Here’s the menu we’re working on:

0. Duck tongue a l’orange

1. Duck fat fries with three sauces

2. Goose pho

3. Duck and goose leg slider with pear mostarda and slaw

4. Duck liver mousse, duck sausage, and goose breast with bourbon sweet potato tater tot and apple cider gastrique

5. Gooseberry trifle

All of our duck components are coming from Liberty Ducks in Sonoma County, and our goose is coming from Drewes Brothers.

We’re not completely set on our pairings yet… stay tuned for updates on those. And if you’d like to join our mailing list for updates on future dinners, go ahead and email us or leave a comment. Cheers!