10 SF restaurants we love

Bar Agricole
We get a lot of requests for SF restaurant recommendations. I could happily talk for hours about all the great places to eat in this city, and our wedding earlier this year gave me a perfect excuse to do just that with all our out-of-town guests.

So without further ado, this is the list of 10 favorites we shared with them. This list is based on extensive research. (It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.)

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The radish report

I’ve got an ongoing experiment happening outside the front door. It started with one planter and about a thousand lettuce seeds. When those actually grew and I’d proved to myself that I could, in fact, grow plants successfully, we got a second planter, and then a third.

Over the winter, we planted three kinds of radishes in our little sidewalk farm. They all grew—eventually—but the results weren’t quite what I expected. Check it out:

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Do you have a container garden? What grows well, and what doesn’t?

Europe, magical mushrooms, and a menu for January 26

Yes, we’ve been MIA for a few months. But we’ve put our hiatus to good use. Check it out!

We planted a garden:

We went on a fabulous trip to Europe:

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We made some really good food discoveries:

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We also got mildly obsessed with mushroom hunting, and we went on a Christmas Eve hike where we found a whole bunch of stuff you can’t eat—plus one thing you can:

So now it’s 2013 and we’re re-energized to get back into the kitchen. We’ve got tons of new ideas and incredible ingredients and super fun kitchen toys that we can’t wait to play with. We’re ready to get back into the groove of our monthly dinners—we’ve missed sharing a table with all of you! Continue reading