Hearsay is an ongoing experiment. It’s an occasional series of dinner parties and other events designed to create connections between people who might never cross paths otherwise.

If you’d like to join us in our culinary adventures, do one (or all!) of these:

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  1. I’m from Montreal and will be in San Francisco with my 2 adult (25 + 27) sons in ealry June. We are all keen foodies and, if the timing permits, would love to ‘join’ your club for one meal.

    • Hi Barbara—great to hear from you!

      We only plan our dinners about a month in advance, so I’m not sure yet whether we’ll be scheduling any events while you’re in town. The best way to stay updated on what we’re planning, though, is to join our email list. We always send event announcements to our subscribers a few days in advance of publicizing them on the blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter, so that’s the best way to get first dibs on seats.

      Hope to share a great meal with you soon!

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