Hot toddies for wintry nights

Winter at Hearsay HQ tends to be a high-energy affair. You already know I have a thing for holiday merriment and cocktail parties. If you’ve been reading along for a while, you may also know that I’m an incurable skiing fanatic (despite a few mishaps along the way). I’m also a bit of a ski-town fashion fiend, since I launched this little project a couple of years back.

But as action-packed as my winters can be, my very favorite cold-weather moment is one that involves doing pretty much nothing: sitting in a Tahoe hot tub, sipping a hot toddy, just watching the snow come down.

A hot toddy is, quite simply, a mixed drink that is served hot. The most basic version involves a slug of whiskey or brandy, boiling water, and some sugar. But why stop there? Like the Last Word, this classic is wide open for reinterpretation. As long as you understand the key components–about 2 ounces of a base spirit, about 5 ounces of a hot clear liquid, about 1 ounce of a sweetener, and additional flavorings–you can mix and match to create your own personalized version. (As always, make sure you taste your concoction and adjust it for sweetness and flavors before you serve it to guests.)

Some of my favorite variations:

*Seriously. Trust me on this one. Without fail, this souped-up version of TheraFlu immediately wipes out whatever cold I’m coming down with. Just don’t drink it before attempting to operate any heavy machinery.

Hot toddies aren’t just for hot tubs, either. The liquid components can be mixed ahead in big batches, which makes your life easier if you’re hosting a holiday cocktail soiree. Keep the pot warm on the stove (make sure not to let it boil, lest your alcohol escape!) and garnish as you serve.

If you come up with an amazing variation, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Cheers!

One thought on “Hot toddies for wintry nights

  1. I just face-planted into a steaming cup of tea, in a futile attempt to breathe through my clogged sinuses… wish I had read your Thera-Flu idea on Monday!! Going to try it next time though, definitely…

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