What we’re drinking

The fantastic wine, beer, and cocktails continue in this edition of… what we’re drinking!

Because we like to have options.

  • Vino Volo. This place is the best thing to happen to airports since airplanes. Tasted a 2003 Medici Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley. How often do you get such tasty wine in an airport? My coworker and I split a bottle for $48 ($36 retail) and it made coach slightly less painful. Let’s also celebrate that there is one in SFO now. -DD
  • 2002 Jose Michel Special Club Champagne. This is only edition #2 of what we’re drinking and I’m already running out of ways to say I love bubbles, but this is one of my favorites this year. This is a super elegant Champagne with a hint of earthiness on the nose followed by great structure and fruit. Do yourself a favor and buy a bottle from Premier Cru before they’re out. (I can’t wait to try the 1998 magnum I picked up.) -DD
  • Variations on the negroni. The classic is equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth–a can’t-fail balance of refreshing, sweet, and bitter flavors. But this drink is also exceptionally well-suited to tinkering. Alter any or all of the components and you’ll come up with something equally, though differently, delicious (but stick with the spirit-bitter-sweet formula). Recent combos at Hearsay HQ have included silver tequila, Aperol, and dry vermouth; aquavit, Aperol, and Carpano Antica; and rye, Campari, and tawny port. -JF

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