Reservations now open for 9/14

VeneziaWe’re now taking reservations for our next dinner on Saturday, September 14! For this meal, we’ll blend the inspiration we’ve gathered over the summer with our excitement about our upcoming vacation to Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, and northeastern Italy (Friuli and Venice). So expect twists on classic Italian dishes, unusual (but delicious!) orange wines, and maybe some Ottoman influence. It’s going to be a good one.

To reserve your seat, please email us at Cheers!


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In research mode

So, apologies for being more or less MIA since our May dinner. I joined a new company in June, and we’ve been traveling a lot this summer.

The upside of all the madness? Lots of tasty adventures. We’re super excited to bring all of the inspiration we’re collecting to our dinners in the fall. If you aren’t on our mailing list, you should be… that’s the only way to get an invite. Sign up now!

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Cherry sherry Manhattans for a crowd

bottled cocktailsRecently, we threw a cocktail party for about 30 friends. Hosting events like this is one of my very favorite things in the whole wide world. Now that we’ve arrived at the age where a lot of our friends have started having babies, seeing each other regularly can sometimes be a tricky business, requiring epic coordination of sitters and nannies and bedtimes. Getting 30 of my favorite people together at one time, in my living room, feels like a much bigger accomplishment than it did six or seven years ago. So when the stars align and it all comes together, I’m psyched. I want to make sure everybody has a fantastic time. And I definitely don’t want to miss my chance to catch up with everyone because I’m stuck behind the bar, slinging drinks all night.

The secret to making it happen: batch cocktails. Continue reading

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Wild food: Join us May 11

Here in northern California, all four seasons spoil us with an embarrassment of riches. But I still love spring the most.

We’ve been experimenting with a lot of amazing wild ingredients recently. The coastal forests—and, for that matter, most of our city parks—are full of tasty little items if you just know where to look. Continue reading

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The radish report

I’ve got an ongoing experiment happening outside the front door. It started with one planter and about a thousand lettuce seeds. When those actually grew and I’d proved to myself that I could, in fact, grow plants successfully, we got a second planter, and then a third.

Over the winter, we planted three kinds of radishes in our little sidewalk farm. They all grew—eventually—but the results weren’t quite what I expected. Check it out:

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Do you have a container garden? What grows well, and what doesn’t?

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